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One-Two Immune System Punch - 4Life Transfer Factor products

How Can 4Life Transfer Factor Helping immune system?

For more than a decade, 4Life has been the leader in providing what works best for the immune system. 4Life has pioneered the field with 4Life Transfer Factor® and NanoFactor® extracts that give your body the information it needs to support the immune system.

4Life Transfer Factor® products help your immune system to:
• Alert immune cells to potential problems
• Fight daily threats to the immune system with added intelligence and intuition
• Ensure the appropriate immune response
4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula
This groundbreaking product educates and supports your immune system. Plus, it raises Natural Killer cell activity (all-important cells on the front lines of your immune system) up to 283%*.

4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula
Our top seller offers you prime immune system support for phenomenal overall wellness. This formula includes Transfer Factor E-XF™ and NanoFactor extracts, plus the Cordyvant™ blend of immune system support ingredients, such as maitake and shiitake mushrooms, cordyceps, and beta glucan. And, it boosts Natural Killer cell activity up to 437%!*

4Life Transfer Factor Helping immune system.

“After more than 40 years of working in the nutritional supplement industry and assisting in the development of over 500 products, 4Life Transfer Factor products stand above everything else that I have witnessed in my career. They provide superior immune system support that brings the broadest spectrum of benefits that I have ever seen from any supplement. I am proud to be associated with 4Life—a company that recognizes the importance of providing scientifically researched, effective products.”
Calvin McCausland, PhD
“The daily importance of a healthy immune system is unappreciated by western medicine. And for that matter, most of us don’t pay attention until something is amiss. As an immunologist for over
30 years, it brings me great satisfaction to know that there is much we can do to keep our immune systems naturally vigilant and healthy. 4Life Transfer Factor and NanoFactor extracts provide immune system education, support, and balance, especially during those times we need it the most.”
Richard Bennett, PhD
Microbiologist and Immunologist
4Life Health Sciences Advisory Board Member

As 4Life Transfer Factor getting more and more popular, please remember this product is nature supplements, no side effect.

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