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4Life Products from surface to center.

How various elements, ranging from your skin to your gut, contribute to the support of your immune system.

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? Your skin acts as your primary barrier against health threats. Showing your skin some love is a great way to beautify and fortify your outside for a healthier inside.
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen is a total body age-defying powder supplement that includes five types of collagen to help support healthy joints, muscles, hair, and skin.*

Nervous System
Your nervous system and immune system are highly interconnected, including communication between lymph organs and hormone secretion to provide homeostasis. Your nervous system and immune system are activated when your body encounters stress.
4Life Transfer Factor ReCall offers antioxidant support, targeted brain support, and immune system support.*
Essential Fatty Acid Complex contains omega-3 and omega-6 oils with CLA to support multiple body systems.*

Let’s hit the gym! Healthy muscle mass is highly beneficial for many body systems, including the immune system.
PRO-TF® is a hydrolyzed, highly absorbable whey and egg-based protein that supports protein synthesis, fuels and maintains skeletal muscle, and provides all essential amino acids. Plus, it’s the only protein powder in the world powered by 4Life Transfer Factor!*

Make no bones about it; your bone health can directly affect your immune system health. In fact, all the different types of immune system cells in your body originate in your bone marrow.
Musculo Skeletal Formula promotes a healthy structural system by supporting healthy connective tissue, bones, joints, and muscles.*

Your gut houses 70% of your immune system and helps facilitate a symbiotic relationship between good bacteria and other microbes. This is known as your microbiome, and its balance is imperative for your immune system health.
Pre/o Biotics® features five strains of highly researched probiotics that increase beneficial “friendly” microflora in your gut and three types of prebiotics to optimize the growth of healthy probiotics.
Pre/o Biotics also includes 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, shown to stimulate the growth of probiotics in in vtiro (or in cell culture) models.

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