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4Life Transfer Factor Vista

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Targeted for vision and eye health

4Life Transfer Factor Vista is designed to support your eye's health. Vision health is important for everybody, check the information below for more product information. “What you see is what you get?” We are so involved in what our eyes perceive and when they do not we find ways to improve our eyesight, with glasses, with drugs, but what about foods. Even though medical research evidence does not promote much in the way of supplements or foods and the questions have arisen as to whether or not “carrots” do any good for improving the site, it is important to know that nutrition is important in all aspects of body function.

Supplements are a part of most people’s everyday life. The reason for taking supplements varies according to one’s age, environment, natural resistance, stress, lifestyle, and all other factors that one has in their life. For that reason, there is no “one fits all” product that meets the needs of all individuals and each person needs to see what it is their body requires to maintain itself in the environment they have been placed. This is true with all products and is the subject of discussion for 4Life Transfer Factor Vista. This unique product has been designed to support healthy visual (eye) function.


Individual needs for this product will depend on what it is the body may require as to support. The main thing that everyone needs to know is that ONLY THE BODY HEALS and that all functions in the body can benefit from nutritional support. This is a universal law but one that is often ignored in the marketed world of healthcare in which people are always looking outside the body for a cure and at least artificial support. This product is focused on the support for visual acuity and sharpness. With nutrition the purpose is designed to give the body the necessary support it might need to achieve better function. 4Life Transfer Factor Vista has been created specifically in support of the visual function such as has been stating dans also supports the eyes’ ability to adapt to carrying light conditions.

Please check this video for more introduction.


4Life Transfer Factor Vista offers support for natural function within the body from the day in and day out stresses that might affect this area of concern. This product may also be supported by other natural products depending on the needs of the body and the level of distress and challenges in its function and balance of the various levels of concern. The desire of every consumer is for optimal performance of the area of possible malfunction or reduced function. But in cases in which the body has begun to show signs of distress or even in cases of diminished function, nutritional support might be added.


Remember that only the body heals and is responsible for optimal function. 4Life Transfer Factor Vista is a supplement that has allowed a lot of people to improve visual function and improve the acuity and sharpness of their body’s activities. This product is there to assist the body in maintaining better support through an array of supportive ingredients that can be read about on the product profile. This is a product that can also be used with other natural supplements in the individual body’s specific support criteria.