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4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula

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4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Boost immune system 283%

The most powerful nutritional supplement in the market is now made better with 25% more concentration, providing the best immune system boost humans can possibly have. 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula does not simply promote optimum health. It also immune the cells by educating them to recognize and attack abnormal cell mutations, viruses and other biological anomalies. This is possible only through two scientific breakthroughs in Transferceutical Science that are currently protected by patent in the United States. 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula uses the revolutionary technology of Transfer Factor to boost Natural Killer cell activity by as much as 283%. It means that a person is protected by almost three times of his optimum immunity. This seemingly impossible feat in nutritional science is only achieved with this product’s Tri-Factor Formulation.

What is Tri-Factor Formula?

This combination of patented formulas allows Transfer Factor to take place. It is a combination of UltraFactor XF™, OvoFactor™, and NanoFactor®. UltraFactor XF™ is the concentration of peptides and proteins extracted from cow colostrum. OvoFactor™ is the concentration of peptides and proteins extracted from chicken egg yolks. NanoFactor® is the concentration of nano-filter cow colostrum. All sources used in these formulations have already built immunity against cell abnormality-induced diseases and viruses that attack healthy cells. Thus, the 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula allows Transfer Factor to take place.

What is Transfer Factor?

This is a lab-processed chemical extracted from animals and humans that have already developed immunity against diseases. 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula basically transfers this immunity in every intake; thus, it allows a person with a weak immune system to copy the strong immune system of another who has successfully fought and survived certain diseases. These cover a range of common health anomalies, such as the common cold and chickenpox, and dreaded diseases, such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, and cancer. Transfer Factor enables the normal cells of the consumer to become powerful Natural Killer (NK) cells.

What is Natural Killer (NK) cell?

This is one form of white blood cell that can bind and eventually kill tumorigenic (cancerous) cells, and cells that are infected by viruses and parasites. It does so by inserting a protein called perforin into the membrane of the abnormal cell, inducing damage and apoptosis or timed-cell death in the process. This makes the body more capable of fighting cancer and other dreaded diseases with or without medical intervention. Gaining higher Natural Killer (NK) cell activity through 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula is safer and more convenient as it prevents the activation of antigens in the body. Antigens are toxins released when the immune system is stimulated in response to a disease. This is one reason why a person with infection develops fever and experiences discomfort for a short amount of time.