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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas of heart Health

Whether it is a Valentine’s Day card, a piece of jewelry, or used as a dot over the eye in a letter, thought of other Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? Warmth, compassion, caring, and all the human emotions that make us special. But then there is the health aspects of the heart and how it ties to your circulation and the various conditions that are related. We learn about conditions such as high and low blood pressure and also the chemical challenges of “cholesterol” and other dietary concerns.

There are conditions of our blood vessels when we talk about plaque or arteriosclerosis, and simple conditions such as varicose veins, but it is the heart itself that is the greatest focus for health care. Whether it is number one, two or three as to the condition that causes death, it is a simple fact, that when your heart stops beating, you are apt to die, unless it starts back up very fast. We deal with vascular conditions of aneurisms that can cause bleeding and death in various areas of the body or do damage to the brain such as in a stroke. All of these concerns are mentioned time and again when selling cereal of going to restaurants with “heart healthy” items or products.

We live in a world where the ability to replace parts has become the mainstay of repair. There was a time when your car might be in an accident and you would have the part of the care damaged would be repaired, welded, sanded, painted and made to look like new. Now we get a dent and that part of the car is ordered and replaced. The concept of “replacement parts” has now come to the human body. We are replacing kidneys, livers, and hearts. Recently there has been news of the replacement of a woman’s womb. The challenge with this process is that this “foreign” organ placed into our bodies would normally and naturally be rejected and to keep it from being rejected, the doctors prescribe “immune suppressing” drugs to keep the transplant from being rejected.

This is a remarkable process in health care, but is it the best? When it comes to crisis, just about anything is justified, but when it become the “expected” and that you do not worry about the parts you were born with because you can “replace” them when you have abused them, this is wrong. It is not just the extreme cost of such procedures or the ethical aspect of asking people to leave their parts behind for others to use, but the easy way in which one develops the attitude that they do not have to take care of their body because they can always get another part.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With this in mind we need to understand that we must take care of ourselves, all of our parts and to be sure we eat the best, exercise, and rest these parts so they can last the long period of time they were design to, though not forever. These parts can last 120-13- maybe even up to 150 years. Almost ½ the time that we now are expected to live. But for this conversation we will come back to the heart, and realize that heart replacement is not the best choice. The best choice is to take care of the one you were given.

Again we go to doctors many times to see how we are doing and to be sure everything is working well. In the current health system, if all of your measurements, tests, and statistics do not fit what someone things is “normal” you are given a diagnosis and now you have a “weak heart”, “blocked arteries”, “high blood pressure”, and other cardiovascular conditions. The challenge with the most used care is to offer drugs or surgery. These two things as an emergency may well save a life, but the ongoing sense of drugs can do damage to other areas of the body. There is always the concept of “Shutting the barn door after the cow got out!” This is how we treat too many conditions in our body and especially our hearts.

More and more attention is coming forth talking about heart healthy diets, and how exercise helps the heart and you have “cardio” exercises. But in a lazy, stressed, overworked, and overweight society the damages to our hearts has continued to increase. It is still up to the individual as to whether or not they wish to take care of themselves or simply take drugs and hope for a heart transplant when the one they were given stops to function.

Prevention is the still the key to a healthier and lover life. Something that helps is for you to consider all the things mentioned and do as many as you can to help your body to be healthier. Whether you change your diet, loose the extra pounds, reduce your stress, or get to the gym, YOU are the one who has to take action and make it happen. There are many things that can help. Some of the best are the cardio-support products produced by 4Life Research Company. They have created products that support the immune system in your body and also have targeted some of these remarkable and unique products to assist and support the heart and cardiovascular system. Transfer Factor Cardio, Cardio Formula, and all of the products to help in the controlling of weight or to assist in increasing you energy to be able to be more active and strengthen your system. This is what is needed and the best way to maintain your health and live a longer life.

The site is where you can learn more about these and other products when you are ready to take responsibility for your health. Contacting CHER4Life will not only allow you to obtain these products but can assist you in learning more through their professional team of doctors and wellness consultants. Call today and start on the path to a healthier heart.

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