//4Life Transfer Factor Equine Performance & Show (1 bucket)

4Life Transfer Factor Equine Performance & Show (1 bucket)

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Transfer Factor Performance & Show is the most beneficial product for your horse with extra support of transfer factor formula.

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(Last Updated On: December 10, 2019)

4Life Transfer Factor Equine Performance & Show is all you need to maintain and improve your horse’s health.

Equine Performance & Show is an all-in-one and complete natural formula that you can trust. This product combines a patented immune system booster and balanced nutrition in a wide-spectrum supplement formula. Top animal nutritionists and reputable veterinarians helped in creating and formulating this product and customers can expect great support from 4Life research company.

4Life Transfer Factor Equine Performance & Show is the only supplement that you will need to take care of your horse’s nutritional needs from day one. This product can provide the following benefits to your Equine/ horses:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Supplements a wide array of vitamins and nutrients
  • Promotes healthy and beautiful coats
  • Maintains optimal energy levels
  • Improves flexibility and health of joints
  • Develops stronger bones
Transfer Factor Performance Show

Transfer Factor Performance Show product

Extra benefits from Transfer Factor Performance Show

Of course, different products on the market also promise the same benefits. 4Life Transfer Factor Performance Show is recommended because of the following competitive advantages:

  • This product takes advantage of “transfer factors.” Transfer factor is a small Molecule or sent by lymphocytes or small white blood cells. The primary job of lymphocytes is to act as messengers between cells in the body.  They transfer pieces of information to help the immune system become resistant to past health related threats that the body has encountered.
  • The transfer factor in this product was extracted from sources that already established immunity. Similar to how the usual vaccines work, the transfer factor “transfers” the immunity of these sources to those that take it.  There is minimal risk to the horses since the transfer factor only carries information on past threats and does not carry the threats that its original source has encountered.
  • Also, this is not something new in the medical field. Transfer factor has been discovered around the 1940s. Since then, the development of the technology to use it has been progressively researched and tested. It’s non specie and specific, also you can check other categories in cher4life.com to view transfer factor products.
  • The effectiveness of this product has been proven in independent laboratory tests. It was postulated that this product improves the immune system’s functionality by 283% owing to the increased potency of natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are the ones that first act when a threat is detected in the body.
  • Since the processes and technologies to extract transfer factors from egg and colostrum (milk produced by pregnant mammals) sources are patented, 4Life Transfer Factor Performance and Show is the only product that helps your horses achieve the aforementioned benefits.

The patents of this product include:

  • US patent 6,866,868: exclusive manufacturing and extraction techniques
  • US patent 6,468,534: egg yolks
  • US Patent 4,816,563: cow colostrum

How to use it?

Using the product is easy. Just take two scoops (a scoop is provided in the bucket) for every 1,000 pounds of body weight of your horse. Mix the powder with his regular grains or feed. You can double the amount to increase the effectiveness of the product. Do note that each 9.5 pound bucket contains around 60 scoops (30 servings).

For more information of this product, please check the ingredient image below. And you are more than welcome to comment below.

Transfer Factor Performance Show's ingredient

3 reviews for 4Life Transfer Factor Equine Performance & Show (1 bucket)

  1. chris

    It’s a healthy product for my horse. I have been using it for a few months now.

  2. Maria D.

    4Life Transfer Factor Performance and show has helping my horse to stay healthy and strong. Love the benefits it provides.

  3. Linda Ramsey

    Just got some an he will not eat,any suggestions on how to get him to eat?

    • cher4life

      Hi Linda

      Sorry to hear that he is not eating, you can try to mix it in the water or blend it with either wet food for example: in a blender, add carrots or other fruit or vegetable that he likes to add a bit of water and add the performance & show in it too and then blend. If he still doesn’t want to drink it in the water or eat with blended food, then we don’t have any other ideas to make them eat. Oh, there is one more way to do it too, you can mix it or blend it and put it a syringe without the needle and feed him by the mouth.

      We hope to answer your question or concern and we are sorry it took us long to reply since we had to ask other people who feed their animals performance & show.

      Best Regards
      Cher4life Team

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