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(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Citri Shape is a healthy appetite and metabolism support product.

Today in the world, the greatest health risk facing our society’s most potential groups is the aspect of unhealthy weight and its counterpart diabetes. From a clinical lens, it is has been observed that the increase in weight has had adverse effects on the human sugar level such that one part only implies the other. This condition is mostly a preserve of a working class group of the age 30-50 plus years and who spend most part of their day seated in an office or even watching programmers on televisions thereby generating a lot of basal energy in the midst of metabolic processes but again without immediate basal energy expenditure. Even though, it is not a sickness since the body is only generating heat as a result of the ongoing metabolic reactions within, the problem is a health risk and measures need to be put in place to mitigate it.
As a remedy to the condition, 4Life Research has introduced the Citri Shape for the purpose of supporting the body’s basal energy excesses.

what is citri shape

what is citri shape?

How Citri Shape works for you

A body’s normal functioning is derived from the metabolic reactions that define it. In the process heat is generated as some fatty food substances are burnt to release the energy in form of heat to support this body. This is a process experienced by everyone. How the body can adjust to this extra basal energy it releases uncontrollably is the support mechanism needed for its adaptability to the situation in order to avoid the mentioned health complications.

The product of Citri Shape offers such a kind of support and is a non-thermogenic formula designed to help the body manage its own excesses. It inhibits fat storage as a means of overcoming the effects of basal energy and the damage it can cause when left to accumulate overtime. This is a way in which Citri Shape can enhance the body’s rate of metabolism while helping you look healthy. It is also a potential non-stimulant which enhances the body’s natural appetite.
Citri Shape is recommended for those of age 18years and above whose bodies require non-thermogenic products. Its composition is a mix of garcinia cambogia (a fruit extract from Asia), gelatin capsule, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide among other compounds.

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