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Making Better Choices!

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2016)

Dr. Oz of the DR. OZ SHOW on television has made the comment: 80% of our chronic conditions are due to the CHOICES we make. It’s all about making better choices! In spite of weekly talking about how you need to choose better foods, choose more exercise, choose to take care of yourself, choose to improve your lifestyle, and choose to get rid of the bad habits that affect our health.

That is the conversation over and over again on numerous books, lectures, and a multitude of television programs. In spite of this, most people still choose to eat junk foods, with too much fat, sugar and salt; all of which in large amounts becomes ever more damaging to the individuals health and well being. It is hard to break free of the habits that we are raised with. Look at the heavy set parents with the heavy set children and then grandchildren, all eating the same poor diet in amounts that continue to add the unhealthy weight.weighting yourself

We have ignored these choices:

We have habits that come with our childhood that make impressions on us in ways that can be healthy, or can be unhealthy. Whether you are a family that teaches your children to be active or just join you watching TV, again this is a choice we all make.



The family eats the meals that are prepared, and meals come from the foods that are bought. When the supermarket trip is taken and we walk through the aisles, what do we put in the basket? Are we buying the fresh fruits and vegetables for the healthy salads? Or, do we buy the sugar cereal, Twinkies, and other foods that remind us of our youth and now we buy it for our children.

Another thing that we can chose is also to supplement our diet and the diet of our family. When foods contain more and more toxic chemicals, or they grow on depleted earth and artificial chemicals and toxic insecticides, and then chemicals are added to foods to give them a pretty color, taste, or smoother texture with no nutritional value; then we need to consider that there might be a need for additional is not a well balanced nutritional supplementation program.

making better choices

Making better choices

What do I do to make better choices? That is where you need to inform yourself about all that is available. The 4Life Research Company has spent the last two decades producing unique and beneficial products. Those products give the consumer not only the balance of the essential vitamins and minerals. Also they get themselves a healthy and happy life!

A healthy Shopping trip

CHER4Life company offers these products to anybody. Our mission: providing the best service you could ever ask for; service that is not only welcoming and friendly, service and shipping that is fast and efficient. Also offers service that can help each individual make BETTER CHOICES. Check out our shop and see what is available to help you making better choices. With your first order you will receive a booklet prepared to understand how you can make the best choices for the conditions you and your family might be dealing with.

If this is not enough, you can also contact CHER4Life. Or email us your specific questions to our health advisory staff. You can then get their advice and suggestions as to what you might best benefit from.  Contact us today and we will help you learn how you can live a healthier life.

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