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Keep Calories in Check II

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2015)

Block Calories from Carbs and Fat
Whether we like it or not, calories do count. But even people with perfect willpower might
sometimes eat a few too many chips or cookies. Block those calories before they hit  your waistline.

Carb BLX
Inhibits carbs and fat from being absorbed
• Inhibits the digestion and absorption of fat and carbs
• Promotes fat burning and healthy energy levels




Binds up fat
• Discourages absorption of fat in the body
• Maximizes fat-binding ability of standard chitosan




Neutralize Sugar Cravings

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’re craving a freshly baked pastry from the corner bakery. Giving into your cravings can derail your healthy eating efforts. Fight those cravings instead!

Catalyst Plus -Neutralizes sugar cravings
• Supports healthy glucose levels
• Supports healthy energy levels




Support Metabolism
Keep your metabolic rate humming along with all-natural products that support your body’s ability to burn fat and maintain thyroid function.

Burns body fat as fuel
• Inhibits fat storage
• Promotes healthy energy levels

Promotes a healthy functioning thyroid
• Promotes healthy thyroid function
• Supports digestion with natural enzymes

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