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4Life Transfer Factor -

What’s in 4Life Transfer Factor®?

4Life Transfer Factor is one of the best natural ways to support immune system health, but have you ever wondered what it’s made of?*

Recently, we sent samples of 4Life Transfer Factor out for amino acid testing. The test results showed that in addition to transfer factor molecules and recently discovered special molecules that feed the good bacteria in the gut microbiome, 4Life Transfer Factor contains more than 40% protein! This is exciting news since protein is one of the most essential nutrients in the human diet. This all-natural protein helps build muscle, strengthens the immune system, facilitates processes throughout the body, and contains amino acids, which are the building blocks for every tissue structure in the body.*

We tested 4Life Transfer Factor for 18 amino acids and here’s what we found:

what 4Life Transfer Factor Plus made of?

Nine of these amino acids are ones that the human body can’t make on its own. They’re called “essential” amino acids, and they must be acquired from your diet. Interestingly, 40% of the amino acid content in 4Life Transfer Factor is made up of essential amino acids. This makes colostrum and 4Life Transfer Factor complete proteins, alongside only two other foods—eggs and breast milk. That’s one more reason to love 4Life Transfer Factor!*

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