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4Life Transfer Factor Increase body resistance.

Day in and day out, your immune system is hard at work defending your body from outside pathogens. About 95% of those pathogens (from the air you breathe, foods you eat, and hand to-mouth contact) try to enter through the mucous membranes that line the mouth, nose, lungs, intestines, etc. Antibodies, especially salivary IgA molecules, are crucial in defending and eliminating potential threats quickly and effectively. When you increase the production of salivary IgA, you provide a vital barrier of protection!

Wellness Is Blooming!

At 4Life, we’re not interested in status quo. We want people to enjoy unrivaled, uncharted, and previously inconceivable levels of wellness. And, our comprehensive product line helps you do just that.

Ultimate wellness

You’re unstoppable! Your energy levels are great, and your immune system is on top of its game, responding quickly and effectively to every new problem it encounters.

Feeling good

You feel sporadically energized. Some days are definitely better than others, but overall you feel well and certainly notice a lot of people who don’t have the zest for life that you do.

Making do

You’re putting up the good fight and getting through the days. You’ve grown used to the way you feel. You may not realize it, but your immune system has to work harder.

Losing the battle

Your “batteries” feel depleted. You usually feel more tired than energized. If you think about it, you may imagine your immune system is on vacation.

Stuck in bed

Your entire body spends the day resting so your immune system can fight everything that is keeping you down. Energy is something you look for and long for, but you fear it is lost.

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