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What can energy go stix do to you?

Energy Go Stix is a Natural Energy Source. When you crave an energy boost, the choices can be overwhelming. But these sugary options leave you artificially overloaded and later wanting more. Energy Go Stix is formulated from natural sources of yerba mate, guarana, green tea extract, and ginseng to help you power through your day. Plus, it’s the only energy drink on the market that contains the revolutionary Transfer Factor E-XF™. Reach for a boost of natural energy and get the healthier, immune-supporting, and more cost-effective alternative!

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Energy Go Stix is a Natural Energy Source

Energy Go Stix is a Natural Energy Source

The chart is a simple compare of Energy go stix with other energy boosting products, from Serving size, calories, sugar, caffeine and cost of the product. It’s an interesting chart to understand these factor of the most popular products on the market.

As the 4Life energy go stix getting more popular, in the last few years.Energy Go Stix is a Natural Energy Source 4Life research companies also come out a few more flavors Energy go stix Berry -2013 and Energy go stix Pink Lemonade  – 2015.


Which energy go stix product taste better?


These energy products are popular in different ways. As far as the popularity, I personally feel Energy go stix Berry more popular , taste better. But everybody’s taste is different, check this simple comparing out, and get yourself the right kind of flavor.

Citrus is the first flavor from 4life company, if you use a package to mix with cold water, it gives you some stimulate wake up feeling. If you mixed it with hot water, the “warm heart” feeling will be in every inch skin of your body, taste great in Winter time.

Berry as a 2nd flavor has been a popular item on the market. Because it’s more “charming” with sweetness and berry taste. Tasting great with cold water and smooth. Because of the berry Flavor, we have tried to mix it with 4Life Nutrastart product in hot water. The mix result is kind of interesting. It taste like hot berry smoothie, warming you up and give you energy! It’s kind of my favor taste.

Pink Lemonade is a totally new flavor, it’s released from newest 4life convention. Pink color and softer feeling make this product feel unique. It taste with light lemonade flavor, not as strong as minute made lemonade. With pink lemonade smell and smooth tasting, it’s gaining some popularity on the market.

Overview of Energy go stix products:

These 4Life energy products are getting their popularity on the market. we have heard a lot great stories about the benefits they have provided to athletics, active people. One thing they like to say it’s, energy kick in quick and helping them to keep going, after the energy getting out body, you don’t feel the weird feeling as some quick energy products. You can go to cher4life.com energy boosting section to check these products out, and if you have any other question , please feel free to contact us.


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    Hi. I would like to buy. Is there any shop i can go to at Johor Bahru Malaysia? Thanks in advance

    • cher4life December 26, 2019 at 8:45 pm - Reply

      Hi Siti

      Unfortunately, there’s no store available neither in Malaysia or in the United State, all products are sold online only

      Sorry for the inconvenience

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      Cher4life Team

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