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Pre/O Biotics

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The only prebiotic/probiotic product in the world that’s powered by 4Life Transfer Factor

Main Features

• Promotes the growth of beneficial/friendly intestinal flora with five strains of highly-researched probiotics*

• Contains three types of prebiotics to optimize the growth of healthy probiotics*

• Stimulates growth of the probiotics found in Pre/o Biotics by up to 868% with the inclusion of 4Life Tri-Factor® Formula*+

• Increases the amount and longevity of beneficial gut flora by up to 1000 times over standard delivery*

• Features a portable stick pack with cutting-edge microbeadlet technology

• Contains delayed-response probiotics in a seamless capsule format that are only delivered to the colon

• Supports the immune system with 4Life Tri-Factor® Formula*

• Requires no refrigeration, and it’s suitable for all ages

• Provides the anchor in the Digest4Life Reset System, a bi-annual program to cleanse, detox, and replenish the digestive system.

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