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Breo Scalp 2 Multi-Purpose Massager (Red)

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Breo Scalp 2 Multi-Purpose Massager (Red)


Relieve head tension and stimulate beautiful locks 

Waterproof, compact and restorative technology for an effective head and body massage

Unlock the benefits of scalp massage with the Breo scalp series. Specially designed with you in mind, these portable massagers deliver the calming force of centrifugal rotations to guarantee a deeply cleaned and invigorated scalp. Bring revitalized scalp cells, better blood circulation and longer and healthier hair growth to your self-care routine - right in your own home.

Please be advised that all our products are designed for US standards, but the voltage is compatible with 100V-240V. You can use your own country's adapter to use our products. Please make sure to double-check before placing your order.

 With its innovative 96 contact points for accuracy and a unique centrifugal rotation, Scalp mini Pro maximizes the benefits of at-home massage with targeted massage patterns made specifically for the scalp and aligns it with the powerful 820-nanometer infrared setting.

 The food-grade-silicone-made contact points not only bring you maximum safety but also a balanced pressure, which gives Scalp mini Pro the ‘touch of human’. The IPX7 water resistance rating gives you the chance to take Scalp mini Pro in a shower or spa.