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Pro-TF Chocolate

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New Look; Same Great Formula!

What’s 4Life Transfer Factor Pro-TF?

PRO-TF is an exclusive protein blend developed by 4Life to help you transform your body so that you can enjoy a more youthful and vibrant life.* As the flagship product for the 4Life Transform™ product line, PRO-TF is the only protein powder that contains a full-serving of 4Life Transfer Factor. With its smooth and creamy vanilla flavor, it is a delicious and versatile way to get your daily protein, helping you to achieve whatever your fitness goal.

In every scoop of this brand new 4Life products provides 10 g of the most advanced and effective protein for optimizing body composition and supporting lean muscle building and mass.*PRO-TF has been independently and university-tested to support increased metabolism and calorie burning, a feeling of fullness, and better recovery times. Also, it booster the immune system.*

Who can benefits from this Protein product?

PRO-TF is a brand new 4Life product. It provides 20 g of patent-pending PRO-TF Protein Blend in every 2 scoop serving— the most advanced and effective protein available to burn fat, build muscle, and transform your body. It also includes a critically essential protein source for your body PLUS 600 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor® in every 2 scoop serving! The amazing part of this product, it increases muscle growth by 74% and stimulates fat burning by up to 464%!

Did you know human beings cannot live without protein?  It gives your body structure, burns fat, builds and protects muscle, and provides critical support to the immune system. When you don’t consume enough protein, your body steals it from your muscles. In addition, you can also lose muscle as you age, making protein vital for healthy aging support.