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4Life Transfer Factor Riovida Burst

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4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Burst Gel

Transfer Factor Riovida Burst is one of the products from RioVida, it's gel format with 15pk per package. It's the same ingredient as RioVida Juice and tastes great when it's cold.

What's RioVida Burst Tri-Factor's Primary Benefits

• The first and only Transfer Factor edible gel in the world.
• Each convenient, single-serve packet contains a full serving of 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula and the proven power of RioVida’s antioxidant-rich juice blend.
• Easy to share!

What makes Transfer Factor RioVida Burst so unique?

• Transfer Factors are tiny messenger molecules that transmit immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her breastfeeding infant.

• NanoFactor extract is 4Life's patent-pending extract of immune-enhancing nano fraction molecules. It helps fine-tune immune system function so that immune cells know when to act, how to act, and when to rest.

• Independent studies show that 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula can boost immune system effectiveness by raising Natural Killer cell function an impressive 283 percent. Natural Killer cells are on the front lines of your immune system.

• This is the first transfer factor product available in an edible gel form.

• Elderberries work to neutralize free radicals, support your cardiovascular system health, and support your body's ability to manage stress.
A Burst of Life

RioVida Burst is the one-and-only transfer factor supplement available in an edible gel. It provides the benefits of the 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula along with an antioxidant-rich juice blend of açai, pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, and purple grape. Portuguese for River of Life, RioVida Burst is a delicious way to juice up your day.