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4Life Transfer Factor RenewAll

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4Life Transfer Factor Renewall Immune Support Skin Gel

4Life Transfer Factor RenewAll blends healthful ingredients in an easy-to-apply gel that supports the skin's natural immune defenses and the body's natural healing this cell renewing gel, giving remarkable immune support to the skin.
Note: See below for more products that will boost your immune system.
What's Transfer Factor Renewall good for?

• Topically supports the healthy function of your immune system with 4Life's Transfer Factor XF blend
• Promotes healthy skin and the natural healing process with soothing herbal extracts such as aloe vera, rosemary, chamomile, and lavender
What makes Transfer Factor Renewall so different?

• Transfer Factors are tiny messenger molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her breastfeeding infant.

• 4Life Transfer Factor products are featured in the 2003 2004 and 2005 Physicians' Desk Reference For Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements, the standard supplement guide for physicians that can be found in physician offices, hospitals, and pharmacies throughout the United States.