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Cleansing and Detox – body’s seasonal maid service

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2016)

Cleansing and Detox – body’s seasonal maid service

Brent Vaughan, PhD, RD Director of Health Information Services

Our individual diet and lifestyle often puts us in contact with a number of toxins, metabolic wastes, and pollutants. While we have several systems in place to remove these unwanted function optimally or may become periodically overwhelmed. In times like this, we can benefit from the use of cleansing and detoxification products. Some such products aid the liver and kidneys in the removal of these unwanted compounds, while other products may help clear the absorptive surface of our intestines.

Both dietary factors and pollutants can alter the lining of our intestines slowing or inhibiting the absorption of nutrients. However, rinsing or cleansing the intestines can help clear the intestinal lining,  thus aiding in nutrient absorption. Intestinal cleansing products typically contain a mixture of stimulant laxatives, bulking fiber, and a number of nutritional ingredients. These products help clean out the intestinal tract and support the detoxification organs of the body – the liver and kidneys.

The liver functions as the main detoxification organ by scouring the blood looking for potentially harmful substances. When it finds something that it does not like, it packages it up, modifies it to reduce its toxicity, or spits it back into the gut for removal. Similarly, the kidneys continually filter the blood looking for compounds that the liver may have packaged or that may be otherwise harmful. When the kidneys find such compounds they pull them from the blood and excrete them in the urine.

4Life offers excellent products to aid with cleansing and detox. These products include Fibre system Plus, super detox, and 4Life transfer factor KBU. Fibre System Plus is a ten-day cleansing product that helps clear out the colon and small intestine. Super Detox supports the detoxification processes and overall health of the liver.

4LIfe Cleanse package

Lastly, KBU supports the health and function of your kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. All three products may be taken together, though you may find the greatest benefit when Fibre System Plus is taken first, by itself.

While detoxification is something that can be done on a daily basis, intestinal cleansing is recommended no more than two to four times per year. For best result, you should transition to an organic, mostly plant-based diet during your cleanse and avoid processed foods. In general, the more healthy your diet, lifestyle, and living environment, the less often you will feel the need to cleanse or detoxify.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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