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The Magic of Synergy

The Magic of Synergy

The word synergy describes the process by which two entities work together to produce an effect greater then the sum of their individual efforts. Evident all throughout  nature, the principle of synergy is also one of the marvels of network marketing. when a committed group of individuals is united in a cause, project, or endeavor, they can accomplish so much more than one individual ever could alone.

The magic of synergy is especially evident at 4Life. Distributors can achieve the most success when they truly seek to support others in their own success stories.  We also see this magic at work with our Foundation 4Life service endeavors. If one person makes a donation of money or time, it might make a small ripple. But it could never match the power of thousands giving of their money, time, and talents to serve others.

If you are truly committed to your 4Life organization, you will witness the principle of synergy over and again. Every time someone new adds his wisdom, expertise, and enthusiasm to your distributor group, your group enlarge its strength, passion, and ability to touch others' lives. When a small group of people work together for a worthwhile goal, the sum is infinitely greater than the individual parts. When everyone in the 4Life family works together  to achieve a common goal , we are truly unstoppable.

The greatest form of synergy that we have ever experienced would certainly be at 4Life events, especially our conventions. When 4Life Distributors come together by the thousands to learn from one another, be uplifted by each other, and praise one another, the synergy is palpable.


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