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4life: balance of power

From the beginning, 4Life Research has measured everything they do by their three pillars—science, success and service. The first pillar, the science behind the company’s Transfer Factor products, has been time tested and proven to be effective at helping people feel better, get healthier and stay that way. The second pillar, the success of their distributors, is of the utmost importance, and weighs heavily in every decision the company makes. And the third pillar, the service component, shapes who 4Life Research is as a company. It is only with all three pillars that the company is truly complete. “The legacy of 4Life, as well as the opportunity our distributors give to people around the world, is based on unparalleled science, success and service,” says 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee.
The interesting thing is that one pillar does not supersede the others. Instead, 4Life’s uniqueness springs from the balance of the three. “Our three pillars are equally weighted,” says 4Life President Steve Tew. “We are a product oriented company that has a focus on the success of our distributors. And the third pillar of service completes the circle and makes us a!well-rounded company.”
The idea of placing equal importance on three distinct areas of focus goes back to the original vision that David and Bianca Lisonbee had for the company. They wanted to create a haven where people could prosper by helping others discover better health, using products backed by sound science, all the while working !to serve those in need.
“It has never been just science for!science’s sake,” says 4Life Vice President of communications Calvin Jolley. “It has always been about empowering our distributors with efficacious products to share with their family and friends.” And!then, from there, share the fruits of their labor with those less fortunate around the world. The formula, in all its simplicity, quickly!adds up to a major success, no matter which way you look at it.


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