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4Life Testimonials

I teach physical education at an elementary school in Oregon. As I was talking to a fellow teacher about 4Life Transfer Factor, she asked me how long I had been taking the product. I told my colleague I’d been taking it about two months. The teacher said she noticed I seemed healthy and happy, more alive. I just smiled and said thank you for the compliment and handed her the ‘From Here to Immunity’ audiotape!  -“Results may vary”

Darrell C. 4Life Distributor

I began taking 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula earlier this year. I’ve been able to keep up with my normal exercise program and feel energized and healthy. I look forward to having a healthy immune system and a bright future. Thank you 4Life!  -“Results may vary”

Dana F. 4Life Distributor

In September 2004, my wife began taking the Fibro AMJ system, Choice 50 and 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula to help support healthy joints. She really feels like these products have supported the health of her joints. She enjoys the wonderful freedom of movement.  -“Results may vary”

Fibro AMJ Day-Time Formula

Fibro Amj Day Formula

Ronnie R. 4Life Distributor
Puerto Rico

A friend of mine has a two year-old little boy. She was concerned about his general health and asked me if there was something she could give her son to help support his immune system. We started giving him two 4Life Transfer Factor Kids and his mom is thrilled with what these products have done. She definitely feels like 4Life Transfer Factor products have helped promote a healthy immune system for her son. Thank you 4Life!  -“Results may vary”

Janet B. 4Life Distributor

4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula has helped support my immune system’s ability to deal with the challenging problems that come its way. I am back to my daily activities with rejuvenated zeal and vigor! Thanks a million 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula!  – “Results may vary”

TC Brian Y. 4Life Distributor

I give the Feline Complete and Canine Complete formulas to my cat and my dog. I’ve noticed that they both look more vibrant and bright and their eyes are more alert. It’s a subtle change but I can definitely notice it in them.  – “Results may vary”

Kassie F.

Spokane, Washington

Our cats have thrived on 4Life Transfer Factor Feline Complete. This complete formula has helped provide total support for their bodies. Our younger cat loves her 4Life Transfer Factor Feline Complete so much that if I forget to add it to her food, she lets me know about it! -“Results may vary”

Dale & Carol F. 4Life Distributors
Poulsbo, Washington

I started taking 4Life Transfer Factor over a year ago. I really feel like Transfer Factor has helped support my immune system. I have recommended it to several people. -“Results may vary”

Linda N. 4Life Customer


I am twenty-six years old. I was born legally blind in both of my eyes. Aside from having very bad vision I’ve always considered myself very lucky compared to most other people. I found out about 4Life Transfer Factor and how it has changed the lives of thousands of people all around the world. I was extremely skeptical about trying this product for myself. But curiosity killed the cat and I decided to try the product anyway because it was so unique. After taking the product for a few weeks I really feel like it has made a difference in my immune system, which has improved my quality of life. I can’t imagine not taking my daily capsules every day in the morning.  – “Results may vary”

Energy Go Stix Berry

Berry energy go stix with Transfer Factor E-XF

Jawaune S. 4Life Distributor

Immune System Support

I had been experiencing many health challenges and really wanted to find a supplement which would help educate my immune system and assist me in my efforts to live a more healthy life. I became a believer in the 4Life products after taking 4Life Transfer Factor. I was so pleased with the way I felt and was excited about the product that I quit my regular job and started introducing others to the benefits of Transfer Factor. I have never been happier! Working with 4Life as a distributor has been the most gratifying and pleasurable job I have ever had! I feel absolutely blessed and elated that I am able to share the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor and the financial rewards of 4Life with family, friends and people I meet!  – “Results may vary”

Debbie S. 4Life Distributor

I have been taking RiteStart for Men for about a year now, along with 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula. My overall health is great. I will be going overseas soon for my job so I’m thankful for the extra immune support these products can give me!  – “Results may vary”

Ritestart combo

Stan B. 4Life Distributor
West Virginia

I first learned of 4Life Products in April of 2004, and since then, both my mother and I have used them. I want to tell you about my mother’s experience. Since taking 4Life Transfer Factor Plus she seems to be educating her immune system and has a new energy level. She has also used BioGenistein Plus for help in maintaining proper hormone balance, which is necessary at her age. My mother feels happy, healthy and full of energy. Thanks 4Life! -“Results may vary”

— Mariel De Juan N. 4Life Distributor

Pro-TF testimonial

Pro-TF testimonial


Sandra Jimenez -“Results may vary”

Results: lost 11 pounds and 8% body fat.
4LIFE PRODUCTS: PRO-TF™, 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo, 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime,
RiteStart® Women, Energy Go Stix®, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix Tri-Factor® Formula, NutraStart
Focused on quality nutrition
• Worked out (cardio and weights) five times per week for one hour and 30 minutes per session.

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