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4Life Success Strategies – part 2

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2015)

Mentor leaders

“Everything rises or falls on leadership, or the lack of it,” shares Platinum International Diamond Jeff Altgilbers. “Leaders drive the business… they are the engine in an organization and the wings that take it off the ground. The more leaders you have, the greater will be your success and income.”
The best way for you to mentor new leaders in your organization is to first cultivate your own leadership talent. To accomplish this, be persistent. Leaders are not born overnight. Making it through the tough times gives you the understanding and compassion you need to support people you add to your team.

To unleash the leader in you, be proactive. Don’t wait for something to happen in your organization— make it happen. Develop a vision that you can easily share with others. Be passionate about what you’re doing, lead by example, and, most importantly, maintain your integrity. Confidence and loyalty are inspired when people can trust you. When you focus on the needs of your group first, that spirit of service will permeate throughout your group and unlimited rewards will come back to you.

Make the most of meetings
There’s no doubt about it. The fastest growing 4Life markets and demographic groups with the most momentum hold meetings on a regular basis.
The principles and concepts of direct selling never change. The law of averages says that you must network with people before you will sell product or recruit people to your business. Whether you are the host or the attendee, meetings give you the chance to develop your circle of relationships, prospect, and energize your group. They also inspire confidence, accountability, enthusiasm, and empowerment.
“The new 4Life Office has set me free! I can access the most important information to manage my 4Life business from anywhere that I have computer access. 4Life Office lets me work with my downline to set a strategy that will grow their business bigger and faster!”
Diamond4Life: By taking advantage of the Diamond4Life enrollment option, new distributors save money on their initial product order and get paid at the Diamond level for the first six months after enrollment. Even better, years of company research shows that people who enroll using the Diamond4Life program are three times more likely to advance to the Diamond rank in 4Life’s Life Rewards Plan… and they achieve the rank faster. In fact, 66% reach the Diamond level after only three months.
International Diamond Wayne Ehrenberg outlines the top three reasons for using the Diamond4Life program:
1. As the enrolling distributor, you’ll receive a bigger Rapid reward bonus on initial distributor orders (25% on total order).
2. The Rapid Rewards money shows distributors just starting out how fast the company pays commissions on the sales volume of newly recruited distributors.
3. Diamond4Life provides the opportunity to leap forward in the compensation plan.

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