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New 4life products 2015 Pro-TF

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2016)

It’s been a long time of waiting and expecting. Finally, time arrive in April, new 4Life research’s convention host in Utah, US. Another great moment to check out these new 4Life research company products, especially 4life new products PRO-TF. These products has been a hit to the market, also great health benefits.

4life new products PRO-TF

Before the convention, those new products are top secret for 4Life company. Only high ranking distributors able to access these new Protein products, 4Life company have show some information and good results of taking this product on internet. You may find some interesting protein product that help people to transform to better shape. Now, time to reveal the look of this product Pro-TF in the 4Life Transform!

4life new products PRO-TF In this picture,  you can see 2 brand new products, 4Life Transfer Factor Pro-TF – Vanilla Cream Flavor.  4Life Transfer Factor Pro-TF protein bar – double chocolate flavor. And Transfer Factor Renuvo in new lable. As Protein product its net weight is 783 g, it stimulates fat burning up to 46%, increase muscle development up to 74%, provide 500 mg of 4Life transfer Factor formula in it. It’s still patent-pending & university tested product. For Protein bar, it contains 10 g of patent-pending PRO-TF protein, supports fat burning, helps build lean muscle and reduces hunger. Sounds like a great idea to have a few bars in bag while you go on a outdoor sports or exercises, Chocolate flavor would make it even popular to share in between friends.  Regarding about Transfer Factor Renuvo, It’s a totally new looking label, you can find more information about renuvo product by click here. These products going to be hot and popular in this summer. Come back later for more products information.

Enummi Personal Care


Who does not like to feel good on skin and hair? In this convention, 4Life company also reveal new beauty products in Enummi product line. These products are enummi® Shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash feature luxurious botanicals, protein, and vitamin-rich formulas. They truly are great for the entire family! also great for carry them while you travel.  Really excited to know the existence of these products, waiting to try them soon.

Ritestart Kids&Teens

Rite Start Kids & teens

There is another updated product coming out in this Convention, Ritestart Kids & Teens. It’s Mixed fruit flavors, 120 chewable tablets for Kids and Teens to give them daily vitamins & Minerals. This product is especially designed for Kids and teenage. It also contains 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-factor formula which make this product stands out on the market. As a chewable product, 4life company also have  transfer factor chewable, it’s creamy flavor, great for adults who like to consume some “healthy candy”. If you have tried transfer factor chewable, then you should know this is a must product for your kids. check it out when you get a chance with this new exciting product.

Energy go stix Pink Lemonade

energy go stix pink berry

Energy go stix has been a popular product for working out, hiking and outdoor exercises. Pink Lemonade is the new favor to this energy line. I believe this product would be great for the hot summer and your outdoor activities. You can check energy go stix Berry and Citrus here, and find more about the product information.

With all these exciting new products, there will be some readings and questions. You can always check cher4life.com blog for more updates and videos.

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