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4Life: For your Healthy Body and for your Financial Freedom

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2015)

4Life is a leading innovator in the immune system industry. For more than a decade, its discovery has revolutionized the way people achieve healthier bodies and stronger immune systems. 4life research company is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has consistently followed Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines in manufacturing all its products. 4Life products are offered around the world

As its commitment to provide the highest quality or products to its distributors and customers, 4Life continues to operate with its own Research and Development department, in-house scientists, and certified health professionals all working together to discover more innovative ways to improve bodily health through the immune system.

1998 marked a milestone for 4Life Founder and CEO, David Lisonbee. After decades of research,  4Life Transfer Factor was introduced to the direct selling market. Transfer factors are molecules that send messages to immune cells, providing them the support they need so they can recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats. Unlike vitamins, minerals, or herbs that provide nourishment to the body, transfer factors perform important functions of providing immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom from one source to another. They are extracted from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolks, dried, then formed into capsules to serve as dietary supplements. 4Life en Espanol is the first company to combine the transfer factors from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolks and come up with a supplement that enhance and boost the immune system.

A healthy body has a strong defense, high energy level, and an immune system that works efficiently. 4Life Transfer Factor products are your best options to achieve healthy body. Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula can boost Natural Killer cell activity by as much as 437%. 4Life also pioneered NanoFactor extract which is intended to assist your immune system in determining the right response for every situation. You can also check 4Life en Espanol page to check products information in Spanish.

Combined with the right choice of food and healthy lifestyle, 4Life products can change your life for the better by allowing you to live a healthy and vibrant life. It is a safe and natural way to give your immune system the support its daily needs.

Working with 4Life can also be financially rewarding. The company’s Life Rewards Plan offers generous compensation for its distributors’ part-time and full-time building efforts. This Plan provides one of the best payouts in the Direct Selling industry which is up to 64% of Life Points. The business is flexible enough to allow you to choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle and personal goals. Expect to get the much-needed support and assistance plus all the necessary marketing tools so you can start building your business and achieve your dreams. If you are performance driven, you’ll find full satisfaction with 4Life’s rewards and incentives including luxury trips that would motivate you even further. With 4Life, you will not only enjoy a healthy body and a strong immune system; you can also achieve your dreams and attain financial independence.

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