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4Life Convention Effect

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2015)

It’s so exciting to read through this article and feel what our Founder feeling about the convention.

Another 4Life convention has come and gone, but the effects of convention continue to influence us all. We were so impressed with the enthusiasm shown by our incredible 4Life distributors who came from 55 countries around the world to be with us. We have been touched by the stories of distributors who made many sacrifices to come to Salt Lake City. We hope that everyone in attendance felt enriched by convention. We certainly did!
The powerful thing about convention isn’t just an announcement about a cutting-edge new product or great training from our top leaders. As wonderful as those things are, what really makes convention a life-changing
experience can’t be understood from a simple post-convention summary. What makes convention memorable are the shared feelings we experience when we are together, and those will touch us forever.
It’s been said that when people witness or go through a moving experience, a bond is formed between them, even if they are strangers. A bond was definitely forged between everyone who attended convention. We laughed and cried with Chris Gardner as he shared his amazing triumph over adversity. We saw how 4Life’s Service mission is doing good all over the world by fighting childhood hunger and homelessness. We felt united as we heard our leaders share personal stories of overcoming obstacles to realize their dreams. And, we were all reminded that we truly have access to the most extraordinary products in the marketplace.

Someone asked David and me if we were tired after convention. After thinking about it, we realized that while convention can be physically exhausting, we were not tired. Why is that? Nothing is more energizing than seeing people’s lives change for the better. We never get tired of hearing how the 4Life products and opportunity bless lives all over the world. And, we never get tired of seeing your brilliant smiles in person and feeling your kindness first-hand.

Here at 4Life, we are already planning for the next international convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—a city known for independence and brotherly love. What better qualities to describe what our 4Life distributors represent and offer to the world? I can’t wait to see you there!

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