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Studies prove that when your body needs it, Tri-Factor Formula dramatically boosts Natural Killer (NK) cell activity... a 283 percent increase. When we combine Tri- Factor Formula with other potent immune builders, it equals a 437 percent increase.

Scientists around the world have proven the effectiveness of transfer factor molecules with thousands of studies. To understand just how phenomenal 4Life's is, 4Life scientists headed into the lab. The results are astounding. Studies prove that when your body needs it, Tri-Factor Formula dramatically boosts Natural Killer (NK) cell activity... a 283 percent increase. When we combine Tri-Factor Formula with other potent immune builders, it equals a 437 percent increase. We'll explain a bit more so you can understand just how big this news is. NK cells are immune cells on the front lines of defense that work to eliminate a threat. When you boost NK cell activity, you increase your body's ability to respond to outside threats. NK cells that work harder result in an immune system that rises to the challenge quickly and effectively. Brand-new in-house studies have proven that Tri-Factor Formula, armed with the intuition of NanoFactor, provides balancing support when your body needs it. When your immune system responds to false signals, causing immune T Cells to overreact, Tri-Factor Formula is able to calm them down as much as your body needs, and bring you back to optimal health.

I teach physical education at an elementary school in Oregon. As I was talking to a fellow teacher about 4Life Transfer Factor, she asked me how long I had been taking the product. I told my colleague I’d been taking it about two months. The teacher said she noticed I seemed healthy and happy, more alive. I just smiled and said thank you for the compliment and handed her the 'From Here to Immunity' audiotape!

Darrell C. 4Life Distributor

I began taking 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula earlier this year. I’ve been able to keep up with my normal exercise program and feel energized and healthy. I look forward to having a healthy immune system and a bright future. Thank you Transfer Factor!

Dana F. 4Life Distributor

In September 2004, my wife began taking the Fibro AMJ system, Choice 50 and 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula to help support healthy joints. She really feels like these products have supported the health of her joints. She enjoys the wonderful freedom of movement.

Ronnie R. 4Life Distributor
Puerto Rico

A friend of mine has a two year-old little boy. She was concerned about his general health and asked me if there was something she could give her son to help support his immune system. We started giving him two 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced capsules, opening them up and sprinkling the powder on his breakfast. Now he takes 4Life Transfer Factor Kids and his mom is thrilled with what these products have done. She definitely feels like 4Life Transfer Factor products have helped promote a healthy immune system for her son. Thank you 4Life!

Janet B. 4Life Distributor

4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula has helped support my immune system’s ability to deal with the challenging problems that come its way. I am back to my daily activities with rejuvenated zeal and vigor! Thanks a million Transfer Factor Advanced Formula!

TC Brian Y. 4Life Distributor

I give the Feline Complete and Canine Complete formulas to my cat and my dog. I’ve noticed that they both look more vibrant and bright and their eyes are more alert. It’s a subtle change but I can definitely notice it in them.

Kassie F.

Spokane, Washington

Our cats have thrived on 4Life Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Feline Complete. This complete formula has helped provide total support for their bodies. Our younger cat loves her Transfer Factor so much that if I forget to add it to her food, she lets me know about it!

Dale & Carol F. 4Life Distributors
Poulsbo, Washington

I started taking 4Life Transfer Factor over a year ago. At the time, I suffered from frequent problems with my throat. I really feel like Transfer Factor has helped support my immune system to be able to deal with this difficulty. I have recommended it to several people.

Linda N. 4Life Customer


I am twenty-six years old. I was born legally blind in both of my eyes. Aside from having very bad vision I've always considered myself very lucky compared to most other people. I found out about 4Life Transfer Factor and how it has changed the lives of thousands of people all around the world. I was extremely skeptical about trying this product for myself. But curiosity killed the cat and I decided to try the product anyway because it was so unique. After taking the product for a few weeks I really feel like it has made a difference in my immune system, which has improved my quality of life. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day and it is easier for me to wake up in the morning. I can’t imagine not taking my daily capsules every day in the morning.

Jawaune S. 4Life Distributor


I had been experiencing many health challenges and really wanted to find a supplement which would help educate my immune system and assist me in my efforts to live a more healthy life. I became a believer in the 4Life products after taking 4Life Transfer Factor. I was so pleased with the way I felt and was excited about the product that I quit my regular job and started introducing others to the benefits of Transfer Factor. I have never been happier! Working with 4Life as a distributor has been the most gratifying and pleasurable job I have ever had! I feel absolutely blessed and elated that I am able to share the benefits of Transfer Factor and the financial rewards of 4Life with family, friends and people I meet!

Debbie S. 4Life Distributor

I have been taking RiteStart for Men for about a year now, along with 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula. My overall health is great. I will be going overseas soon for my job so I’m thankful for the extra immune support these products can give me!

Stan B. 4Life Distributor
West Virginia

I am a veterinarian and a long-time 4Life Distributor. Recently I used 4Life Transfer Factor Plus on a litter of guinea pigs that I delivered via c-section. The mom didn't make it but the babies did. Since they couldn't have their mom's colostrum I opened the Transfer Factor Plus capsules and mixed it with the milk supplement that they were being bottle fed. I did this for every bottle feeding for their first week of life. Happily they are doing very well. They are very robust and strong. I believe that the Transfer Factor Plus helped support their immune systems in a precarious time.

Helen Sharp, DVM 4Life Distributor

I first learned of 4Life Products in April of 2004, and since then, both my mother and I have used them. I want to tell you about my mother’s experience. She suffered from nasal allergies and had stomach problems. Since taking 4Life Transfer Factor Plus she seems to be educating her immune system and has a new energy level. She has also used BioGenistein Plus for help in maintaining proper hormone balance, which is necessary at her age. My mother feels happy, healthy and full of energy. Thanks 4Life!

— Mariel De Juan N. 4Life Distributor

In May of 2004 I was bucked off my horse. After my body was whipped every which way, I flew out of the saddle, already unconscious, and landed on my back and head on hard, rocky ground. I sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured pelvic bone, whiplash of the entire spine, a severe concussion and joint and soft tissue damage from my neck down to my knees. I was literally flat on my back for the first month after my accident. I have been in the care of specialists y the joint and soft tissue damage. Recently, I was introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. I began taking the product out of desperation, as well as my strong determination to find a way to get my quality of life at least back to where it was before my accident. I know that long periods of chronic, intractable pain can cause even up-beat people to feel depressed about life. Though I am, by nature, a happy, optimistic person, I was beginning to feel down much of the time. Through my desire to heal, the constant care of my doctor and the immune support I have received from Transfer Factor Plus I have noticed that I am beginning to feel more energetic. I can’t help but notice that, to my delight, I am beginning to get excited about life again!

—Devonna D. 4Life Distributor

Doctors' Testimonials on Transfer Factor

Of all of the supplements available, if given only one supplement to select, why should that one be 4Life Transfer Factor? Because your immune system is the most important body defense system your posses and 4Life Transfer Factor is the single most potent immune-system builder available on the market.

Robert Robertson, MDRobert Robertson, MD

"Transfer Factor is the most promising breakthrough in health care discovered in the past several decades. We are just beginning to explore all of the potential of transfer factors. Neutriceuticals like TF are the wave of the future."
Dr. Victor Tutelian, MD.MPH Dr. Victor Tutelian, MD, MPH

"Transfer factors are the most exciting discovery in immunology. As the 21st century unfolds, transfer factor will be one of our greatest keys to health and well being."
William Hennen, PhD William Hennen, PhD

"Our company has proven itself to be a company that provides sound dietary supplements, in keeping with the latest research. This committment to providing revolutionary natural products is one that I am excited to help develop. I am particularly struck with the potential that exists for the transfer factor. Transfer factor is today where vitamins and herbs were 15 years ago. What a great opportunity is in store for those who get involved now!"
Dr. Calvin McCausland. Dr. Calvin McCausland.

"Transfer factor is the most exciting product for the immune system that I've seen in my eighteen years of practicing medicine. It has literally revolutionized my practice."
Kenneth Singleton, MD, MPH Kenneth Singleton, MD, MPH

"Transfer factor is the gift from nature that supplies the essential tools for the regulation of our immune systems, in order to properly address the challenges we face in today's toxic world. transfer factor provides the body with an arsenal of defense, unleashing the true power of the immune system."
June Ferrari, ND, CNC June Ferrari, ND, CNC

"When infants are nursed they are 17 times less likely to become seriously ill. Today we understand the science behind this dramatic display of wellness. We understand that the newborn's immune system is jump started with mom's immune history via her transfer factors. Transfer factor is our tool to jumpstart our immune systems."
Suzette Lawrence, CNM Suzette Lawrence, CNM

"As a medical professional and pharmacist, I have been exposed to a great number of medical drugs and nutrients. I am convinced that the benefits produced by transfer factor and transfer factor plus far exceed any substance that I have ever been exposed to. I have assumed the mission to take this to the world. Everyone should be on these products."
Bob Kononiuk R.Ph. Bob Kononiuk R.Ph.

"Transfer factor is in the same class as the most potent vitamins. When do you need it? You need it all the time. And who needs it? Actually, everyone. Not only you as an adult, but also your children and pets. And it's safe. I have not documented one single side effect related to the use of transfer factor."
Vivienne Matalon, M.D. Vivienne Matalon, M.D.

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