4Life Transfer Factor KBU
- with high potency cranberry extracts

Targeted Transfer Factor technology for kidney, bladder, and urinary support.

4Life transfer factor KBU

You asked – we answered. When 4Life distributors asked us to create a product that would provide support for the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract, we paid attention. If you’ve been searching for bladder or kidney support, you know that being proactive about maintaining optimal urinary system health is crucial.

4Life Transfer Factor KBU is formulated to support the entire urinary system. Targeted ingredients like cranberry, blueberry, dandelion leaf, and juniper berry give you the cleansing support you need for the healthy function of your bladder and kidneys. In addition, 4Life Transfer Factor educates your immune cells to support a healthy urinary tract and kidneys.

4Life Transfer Factor KBU fills a great need for people in today’s fast – paced world. The urinary system is charged with removing waste from the body, and often is overtaxed with the junk food we eat and drink. The ingredients in 4Life Transfer Factor KBU were carefully researched and selected to support the entire urinary system, including the filtration needs of the kidneys and healthy bladder tone, ultimately helping keep the urinary tract clean and healthy.”

Shane M. Lefler, MS 4Life Research Scientist

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